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Tourist Attraction: Maldives Island

A small country that looks like heaven, the Maldives is located in the South Asian region adjacent to the country of Sri Lanka. Tourism potential in the Maldives is dominated by marine tourism but unlike the beaches in general, here you can see underwater scenery with the naked eye because the water is very clear. The beauty of Maldives makes this country as a honeymoon destination for all brides in the world. Some activities that are very synonymous with Maldives Island are snorkeling, diving and enjoying the surrounding scenery. Another uniqueness that exists in this place is a resort built on the sea water is certainly not dangerous because it has been carefully calculated about the current wave when tide. The waves in the Maldives are quite calm and the place consists of 26 coral islands is a quiet and very beautiful place. For those of you who want to do dinner under the sea then you can try it at Condrad Underwater Restaurant, this place is never quiet enthusiasts even you have …

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