My name is Safirah Octiva Damis. You can call me Safira or Fira.
Im studying in LP3I. My elementary school wasin MIN model 1 Banda Aceh, and my Junior High School was in SMP N 4 Banda Aceh at Peunayong, and my Senior High School was in SMK N 1 Banda Aceh.
I will tell you about my Senior High School. My major was Tourism Department, and my friend and i was studied how to be a guide and we learned how to book a ticket manually with some very thick books, and we also learned how to make itenerary or tour package. We memorized most of the attraction in Aceh. It was so difficult, but now it's a good memory to remember.
And I miss it sometimes..
That's all about my story. Thank youuu!!:)


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