Healthy: Water

Calorie-free water and sugar are the healthiest choices to keep the body fluid well, while overcoming the thirst anytime. In addition, the benefits of drinking water has a variety of functions for the body, among others:
  • Maintain body fluid levels, so the body does not experience interference with digestive function and absorption of food, circulation, kidney, and important in maintaining normal body temperature.
  • Helps energize the muscles and lubricate the joints to keep them supple. Liquid imbalance can trigger muscle fatigue.
  • Helps control body caloric intake. Drinking water is much better at preventing weight gain than drinks containing high calories.
  • Keeps skin fresh.
  • Protects the spinal cord and other sensitive tissues of the body.
  • Water will help the process of disposing of food and drink waste through sweat, urine and dirt.


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