Movie: Brave

Brave Is one of  the best cartoon movies. We can learn much from that film, such as we have to be Brave of course, like the title of that film.
Her father, King Fergus presented a bow in her daughter birthday, Merida.
Queen Elinor, Merida's mother gave birth to identical triplets boys and Merida has become a free-spirited teenager. Her mother told her that she had to be engaged to the eldest son of one of the heads of the allied clan. Her mother told Merida a legend about a prince who destroyed his own Kingdom, and Elinor was fired if this marriage failed, then it could endanger the Kingdom. Although warned, Merida still does not want the wedding.
Then Merida came into the forest, and she met a witch. Merida asked the witch to help her to change her mother's mind. Then the witch gave cake-shaped spells to Merida. Merida came back to the castle and she asked her mother to eat that cake. After Queen Elinor eat that cake, she got sick. But the reality is not as expected. That spell was not change her mother's mind, but change her mother into a big bear.


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