Movie: Tangled

Tangled tells of a magical golden flower can cure all diseases and damage. The flower is used by Mother Gothei to keep him young. Until one day the flower was taken and used to heal the queen who later gave birth to Princess Rapunzel. Mother Gothei then kidnaps Rapunzel and isolates him in a tower. Approaching his 18th birthday, Rapunzel sees the lantern flown by the kingdom and wants to descend to see it, but is forbidden by Mother Gothei.
A thief known as Flynn Rider steals Rapunzel's crown from the palace. He then finds Rapunzel's tower and meets him. Rapunzel then descended from the tower with Flynn. At that time Gothei went outside to look for paintings.

Flynn then took Rapunzel to Snuggly Duckling, a pub filled with scary people. When the royal army came to chase Flynn, the pub owner helped Flynn and Rapunzel to escape. They were also pursued by horses of the kingdom. Until finally they are trapped in a cave filled with water. At that Flynn stated that his real name was Eugene Fitzherbert. Rapunzel's hair then glowed as he sang, and it helped them out of the cave.
Rapunzel and Flynn went to the royal city. They saw lanterns flown in there. There Rapunzel gave Eugene his crown. But eventually Gothei managed to bring Rapunzel back into the tower. Returning to the tower, Rapunzel then realizes the symbol of the kingdom, and realizes also that she is actually the lost princess of the kingdom. He then asked Gothei.
When Eugene gets executed, he is saved by Snuggly Ducking and takes him to the tower again. Gothei then stabs Eugene. Rapunzel says that he will heal Eugene's wound, but before Eugene cut Rapunzel's hair until it became short. Her golden hair turned brown. Gothei's age is back again, he continues to age and fall from the tower. Eugene and Rapunzel eventually return to the kingdom, and get married.


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