Wow Fact: Dubai International Airport

A number of passengers at Dubai International Airport were amazed when they heard flight information using the Javanese language.
''Nuwun sewu, bapak-bapak soho ibu-ibu, penerbangan Emirates EK tigo-gangsal-wolu dateng Jakarta sak meniko bade,'' so the announcement of flight EK 358 route Dubai to Jakarta at Dubai Airport known as dalah one of the busiest international airport in this world.
According to Emirates Divisional Vice President, Walter Riggans, the reason for using the language is used to facilitate passengers who do not understand English or Arabic during the process of boarding the plane.

"It really helps speed up the process of boarding a plane," he added.

Emirates also emphasized, the language they use is not just Java language, but that Java language is smooth. Some of passengers who understood Javaness language - even laughed out when they heard the annoucement in the waiting room.
Currently there are only two airports that use flight information announcement in Java. 
Besides Dubai International  Airport, Adisutjipto airport airport in Yogyakarta also enforced it from 17 July.


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