Food: Bolu Ikan

Kue Bolu Ikan / Cake Bolu Fish commonly referred to as BOI is one culinary by - by typical Aceh with fish-shaped, not only the form of food typical of Aceh is also present in the form of flowers, animals, and others. Boi cake is much in demand by tourists as by - by who will be brought home from Aceh.
The philosophy of this boi cake is, used to be usually innate when visiting relatives or families who throw a party, not only that to the typical Aceh is also made into one of the gifts as presented by the prospective bride for the bride at the wedding ceremony.

One of the areas producing Bolu Fish or boi cake is Lhoknga Aceh Besar area precisely in the mukim lamlhom Meunasah Karieng village. Where in this village Production Cake Bolu Fish is the livelihood of villagers.
One of the Acehnese cake-making residents said that the production of this typical Aceh snack cake has been around since 1998, no wonder if some houses in Meunasah Karieng village produce this Acehnese Cake.


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